Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Production of fine wood decorative painting

Final renderings

1, create a 25 脳 25 cm white documents, use the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" draw the image center of a 18 脳 18 cm square constituency ready to draw the wood of the floor.

2, create a new layer, named "bottom", set the foreground color to dark brown (R: 40, G: 0, B: 0), the background color is black. Select "Gradient Tool" column set to fill in the form attribute to "Radial Gradient" from the constituencies of the dwarfed rectangular gradient fill the inside out, the effect shown in Figure 01.

Figure 01

3, set the foreground color to yellowish brown (R: 190, G: 120, B: 3), create a new layer, named "Squid", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, Figure 02 shows the "squid" squid drawing layer, pay attention to trends and changes in thickness. Then in the "squid" layer on top of a new layer, as shown in Figure 03 drawn second squid.

Figure 02

Figure 03

4, when the squid drawing is completed, set the background color is dark brown (R: 92, G: 29, B: 1), foreground color changed, add the two squid layer filter effects. Implementation of the "Filter"> "Rendering"> "fiber" command, open the "fiber" dialog box, in which the setting "change" is 27, set the "density" is 22, and then click OK "good" button, this can see that we have just drawn a good squid with wood grain effect, as shown in Figure 04. This additional filter, but Photoshop CS! After the wood may be more convenient! !

Figure 04

5, activation of any of the following "squid" layer in the Layers palette at the bottom click the "Add layer style" button, open the "Layer Style" dialog box, check the "inner shadow" style, set the mixed mode to Multiply overlay, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 96, G: 0, B: 0), set the opacity to 75, distance, blocking and size, respectively 7,0,13.

Then check the "inner light" style, set the mixed mode for the positive overlay, set the glow color to gray (R: 89, G: 89, B: 89), set the opacity to 55, variegated, 0, method for the more flexible , the source for the edge, blocking and size, respectively 0,24.

Then check the "slope relief" style, set the style for the outer slope, set method for carving soft, depth 580, direction, the size of 3, softening to 0, set the pattern for the color filter with high light and high light color is white, not transparency of 100, set the dark tone mode color deepened, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 105, G: 40, B: 4), opacity 58.

Is more crucial is the final check "Stroke" style, set the size to 3, location, external, mixed-mode normal, opacity 100, the fill type of color, the color set to light brown (R: 122, G: 65, B: 7), set up good after clicking the button, you can see the squid is not only a third dimension, but there is a real heat transfer effects.

Then, right-click on the layer in the pop-up menu, select copy layer effects of the command, in another "squid" layer on the right-click pop-up menu, select Paste Layer Effect Command, completed as shown in Figure 05.

Figure 05


6, set the foreground color to white, create a new layer named "petals", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, as shown in Figure 06 in the "petals" to draw a white layer petals. Then the "squid" layer of layer effects of paste to the "petals" layer, the effect shown in Figure 07.

Figure 06

Figure 07

7, the light of the above methods draw more petals, the composition of flowers, attention to the order before and after each petal layers, complete results shown in Figure 08.

Figure 08

8, Next, two new layers, using the "Pencil Tool" to draw two separate layers yellow flower and red flower, were added after drawing layer effects, to produce three-dimensional effect, as shown in Figure 09 .

Figure 09

9, after the first few steps of the exercise, we can quickly draw other flowers, and but to pay attention to other flowers are not completely open, there are just a bud, but can only see the outer surface of the petals, in order to distinguish petals of the inner surface and outer surface, we are not open to those with yellow flowers, but also white transition is completed as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10


10, create a new layer, named "shell flower", use the "lasso tool" as shown in Figure 11, draw a drop-shaped constituency, filling brown (R: 104, G: 57, B: 22), after filling use the "Dodge Tool" to erase the graphics after filling to produce "shell flower" on the high-light, and finally use the "pen tool" in the spent shells to draw black spots.

Figure 11

11, spent shell in the draw after the completion of its copy, rotate, as shown in Figure 12 to adjust their location and layer order, and the flowers together.

Figure 12

12, create a new layer, named "frame", using the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" in the center of the image to draw a slightly larger square box, filled with brown (R: 50, G: 0, B: 0), and implementation of the "select"> "Edit"> "Shrink" command, open the shrink constituency dialog box, enter the contract amount needed to narrow constituencies, as shown in Figure 13. Elected to reduce press the Del key area to delete, create a hollow square, as picture frames, then add the "bevel and embossed" layer effect, shown in Figure 14.

Figure 13

Figure 14

13, select the "vertical text tool" in the upper right corner of frame type "Fragrance" word, set the font for the Seal, the color is dark red (R: 94, G: 0, B: 0), then its Add a layer effect with the same flowering branch, and finally activate the "floor" layers, layer effects to add a shadow to the decorative painting hanging on the wall there is a three-dimensional effect, shown in Figure 15.

Figure 15


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