Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rising stand-alone version of 2008

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sony pushed the camera can be voice chat peripheral image recognition

April 27 news, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced this week 4, the PS3 will launch a video chat host platform, peripherals, to help gamers to better communicate during the game.

According to CNET reported that the peripheral called the PS Eye (PS Eye), integrated camera and microphone functionality, through the USB interface to connect to host, in the course of the game, players can via video and audio are two ways to communicate with friends In addition, the peripherals will also support those of voice, video recognition technology in the game. In fact, the product is very similar in nature have been introduced in the PS2 platform, EyeToy camera.

So far, Eye peripheral has not released specific price information, but Sony said the products will be launched this summer. Sony has added a lot of the product features and hopes it can be a large number of third-party peripheral competition. 120 frames per second camera to support the animation, the picture quality is 320x240 pixels. Albeit not high-definition camera, but which incorporates elements of many games, for example, low-light environments, can be scaled and extended to the whole body and so on.

In addition, the microphone is integrated in the camera directly to the head end, to include noise cancellation, and voice recognition technology, thereby improving the quality of the dialogue under the premise of the game elements added for the new foundation. On the other hand, Eye will be bundled with a software called EyeCreate release, the software used for photo, video editing. In addition, Sony also said that future PS3 games console will support the Eye in the integration of technology.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adobe "culmination of the track" Result of Contest winners

August 27, 2009, Beijing - Today, China sponsored by the Adobe Adobe "culmination of the Path" Contest prize presentation ceremony held at Peking University lecture hall a century. Adobe YF Wong, Managing Director of China and this event partners Hewlett-Packard (China) Company, Wacom (China) and Nvidia (China) company representatives attended the ceremony, and winners were awarded prizes and certificates.

Adobe "culmination of the Path" Contest to design agencies and enterprises through the creative participation, to promote the further development of creative industries in China. Competition has been held, received from animation, games, television and advertising design work nearly one thousand enterprises. Awards ceremony, West An Xinkun Information Technology Co., Ltd. "ugly end Yinchu," Harbin wisdom Animation's "baby dragon" Advertising Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Bo Wenxuan "sewage" series and other works are the best original animation, the most good video production, creative design award best graphic of 7 categories of awards, and has obtained the HP, Wacom, and prizes provided by Nvidia.

Adobe, Managing Director of China, Mr. Huang Yaohui, said: "Adobe creative tools as a software vendor, to provide users with excellent creative tool also provides many businesses with complete solutions. Since 1998, entered the Chinese market, Adobe has been committed economic and efficient in promoting China's creative industries, creative product development. 'apex diameter' competition is to help the organization of creative enterprises to enhance their brand in China, competitiveness, and with this platform, so that more businesses and individuals with an opportunity to own unique creativity, self-innovation while promoting the creative industries. "

Get Graphic Design Award for the best creative work "water line" to the whole theme of environmental concern in the community, by experts and users alike. Works reveal the fish live in water, frogs and crabs and other animals, because the survival of the environment is the contamination of the original and colorful lives were dipped into the black water. The best original animation work "ugly end of ginsenoside" the atmosphere of culture, the Chinese traditional painting and folk art combining the well-known performing artists Jingyuntaigu Mr. Luo Yusheng classic aria "ugly end of ginsenoside" out with the form of animation vividly described the ugly end of ginsenoside in the period, the ancient Chinese people's living situation. Works like a vivid picture of simplicity, together with the melody of the vocals, so people get the full enjoyment of art. Competition judges said: "All entries are in aspects of creativity and good intentions, expressing China's creative practitioners of professionalism and responsibility. Hope that Adobe will be the incentive design and innovation, to promote the design of the competition continue so that more people involved in them, and promote creative industries in China during the coming peak. "

"Adobe is a creative design leader, able to represent the company's access to 'leading edge diameter' Competition Award for best original animation, I am very honored." From the new Xian Kun said: "This game let us show their strength , and more friends to share our work. At the same time, we believe that the support of Adobe products, the company's competitiveness will be further enhanced. "

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harvest autumn harvest eMEX Internal Security Code

In October, the harvest season, the eighth four-day China Suzhou Electronic Information Expo is also concentrated in the Golden Rooster Lake, autumn is concluded. The number of visitors 150,000 people, with sales of more than 24 million yuan. By the international financial crisis, in various exhibitions generally shrinking, this year's electric Fair "contrarian" and, on another successful step forward.鑰屼綔涓?009鏈??寰椾俊璧栧搧鐗屽鑾峰緱鑰呯殑瀹堝唴瀹変俊鎭鎶?紝鍑?eMEX鑻忓窞鐢靛崥浼氱殑涓滈锛屼笁娆℃垚鍔熶寒鐩革紝鏀惰幏棰囦赴銆?br />
2009eMEX Suzhou Electrical Expo, has been the keeper of the security of information technology in three consecutive appearances, and observing every year within the security initiatives to keep the contents of a professional network security technology, gives customers more innovative products.浠婂勾瀹堝唴瀹変富鎺ㄣ?Mail Archiving Expert鐢靛瓙閭欢褰掓。涓撳銆戯紝鍒囧悎鏈?柊娉曡鐨勯渶姹傛?锛屽苟涓旀槸鏃朵笅鐨勬渶鏂扮儹鐐广?閭欢褰掓。鐨勬蹇垫槸瀵归偖浠舵暟鎹繘琛屽湪绾垮綊妗c?鍒嗙被绠$悊銆侀暱鏈熶繚鐣欏苟鍏佽瀹炴椂鎼滅储鍜岃闂紝涓昏鏄拡瀵规捣閲忔暟鎹殑搴旂敤锛屾槸瀵规暟鎹繘琛屾湁鏁堢殑杩佺Щ鍜岀鐞嗐?

銆??浠庝紒涓氬唴閮ㄧ鐞嗚?瑷?紝閭欢褰掓。鏄悓姝ュ疄鐜伴偖浠跺浠斤紝閫氳繃鎶婇偖浠舵暟鎹瓨鍌ㄥ埌鐙珛鐨勫瓨鍌ㄧ‖浠朵笂锛屽彲浠ュ閭欢鏁版嵁杩涜鏇村畨鍏ㄧ殑绠$悊銆?When you need to check the message history, you can quickly obtain the necessary messages to achieve the objective of mail management, disaster recovery can be achieved. From the outside, with the use of e-mail as evidence in court is increasingly clear, the United States and some European countries have drawn up a series of laws and regulations.缇庡浗鍜屾娲茬殑浼楀鏀垮簻娉曡(渚嬪钀ㄧ彮鏂硶妗堢瓑)宸茬粡鏄庣‘鎻愬嚭鍏徃鍐呯數瀛愰偖浠剁殑鐢靛瓙鍙戠幇鍜屾硶瑙勯伒浠庢柟闈㈢殑瑙勫畾锛岃姹備笂甯傚叕鍙镐繚鐣欐墍鏈変笟鍔¤褰曪紝鍖呮嫭鐢靛瓙璁板綍鍜岄偖浠跺湪鍐咃紝涓嶅皯浜?骞淬? This means that enterprises must manage and keep good business all the e-mail, e-mail inquiries to meet future demand, or is likely to pose a risk to the enterprise. Meanwhile, China is also vigorously promoting "basic norms of internal control" to promote the business listed companies do a better job of risk management of electronic data, we can see that e-mail archiving problem is the trend, the times of the solution.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tencent no winner already had three incidents

Event Playback

This year in November, Tencent 15 former employees were prosecuted because they violated the "noncompete agreement", switched to rival work. Employees of the defendant, the prosecution let the old owner was furious indignation, but also worry. For the Tencent company, "The switch to a large number of employees to give competitors technical and commercial secrets," the long run will it bring irreversible damage. Meanwhile, opponents frequently Tencent think even for people who already acts throughout the sector, to bring the company's normal operating difficulties. As for the "winkle company" is concerned, obviously the expansion of commercial competition in the common behavior, but also faces challenges to switch to after-care staff.

The current session the proceedings, but did not receive employee Tencent private reconciliation requirements, at the same time, to lure them away by also issued a statement, said the staff is considering to hire a lawyer on behalf of the respondent.

Expert Comments

Career re-accumulation of credit

ChinaHR Director of Human Resources Li-Rong Zhang

This switched to the three parties will not bring long-term interests. Was dug from the side, first reflect on their own responsibility for loss of staff where quick improvements to prevent further similar incidents; course, in the staff induction include full terms and liability is the most effective; from winkle side is able to obtain only short-term interests in the long run is not wise; Maybe someday these people will repeat here; then for staff to move on, the future of society is becoming increasingly important credit , maliciously switched abroad to pay the price of credit, from the career speaking, there is accumulation of dishonesty against themselves. Mature companies should promote healthy competition, but should stay away from malicious.

Each based on three grievances dilemma

Internet attorney experienced in the Wealth of Nations

Learn more ways to protect corporate trade secrets

In general, companies with the following two ways to protect trade secrets, confidential one to establish a sound system, such as the signing of various agreements, limited to a variety of learned the secret of the authority, or simply by applying for patents to protect business secrets; second regard, companies can determine if the leaks can also be resolved through legal channels, this is a legal basis in law's.

Currently, many enterprises have not yet want a good confidential way is by all technical means to prevent leakage of secret or open secret, but as far as possible apply for a patent, but also good human resources management.

The new labor law have left more to protect rights

If employees want to win the case, it is not impossible, because under the "noncompete" agreements, while companies can require employees to leave after a certain period of time not to join rival company, but it should also be given to workers compensation. Under the new labor law, such compensation should be when employees leave, it is more reasonable.

Who already had legal responsibility to discharge that is bounded

If the employee does not terminate the contract and the original unit, then lure them away knowing that the matter in the case of employees are still employed, it is to bear legal responsibility. However, if the employee has and for the units to lift a contract job that got to understand, then, even if there is a "noncompete" agreement first, and bear the risk of litigation is only my staff, who already had a legal responsibility is difficult to .

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Production of fine wood decorative painting

Final renderings

1, create a 25 脳 25 cm white documents, use the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" draw the image center of a 18 脳 18 cm square constituency ready to draw the wood of the floor.

2, create a new layer, named "bottom", set the foreground color to dark brown (R: 40, G: 0, B: 0), the background color is black. Select "Gradient Tool" column set to fill in the form attribute to "Radial Gradient" from the constituencies of the dwarfed rectangular gradient fill the inside out, the effect shown in Figure 01.

Figure 01

3, set the foreground color to yellowish brown (R: 190, G: 120, B: 3), create a new layer, named "Squid", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, Figure 02 shows the "squid" squid drawing layer, pay attention to trends and changes in thickness. Then in the "squid" layer on top of a new layer, as shown in Figure 03 drawn second squid.

Figure 02

Figure 03

4, when the squid drawing is completed, set the background color is dark brown (R: 92, G: 29, B: 1), foreground color changed, add the two squid layer filter effects. Implementation of the "Filter"> "Rendering"> "fiber" command, open the "fiber" dialog box, in which the setting "change" is 27, set the "density" is 22, and then click OK "good" button, this can see that we have just drawn a good squid with wood grain effect, as shown in Figure 04. This additional filter, but Photoshop CS! After the wood may be more convenient! !

Figure 04

5, activation of any of the following "squid" layer in the Layers palette at the bottom click the "Add layer style" button, open the "Layer Style" dialog box, check the "inner shadow" style, set the mixed mode to Multiply overlay, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 96, G: 0, B: 0), set the opacity to 75, distance, blocking and size, respectively 7,0,13.

Then check the "inner light" style, set the mixed mode for the positive overlay, set the glow color to gray (R: 89, G: 89, B: 89), set the opacity to 55, variegated, 0, method for the more flexible , the source for the edge, blocking and size, respectively 0,24.

Then check the "slope relief" style, set the style for the outer slope, set method for carving soft, depth 580, direction, the size of 3, softening to 0, set the pattern for the color filter with high light and high light color is white, not transparency of 100, set the dark tone mode color deepened, set the shadow color is dark brown (R: 105, G: 40, B: 4), opacity 58.

Is more crucial is the final check "Stroke" style, set the size to 3, location, external, mixed-mode normal, opacity 100, the fill type of color, the color set to light brown (R: 122, G: 65, B: 7), set up good after clicking the button, you can see the squid is not only a third dimension, but there is a real heat transfer effects.

Then, right-click on the layer in the pop-up menu, select copy layer effects of the command, in another "squid" layer on the right-click pop-up menu, select Paste Layer Effect Command, completed as shown in Figure 05.

Figure 05


6, set the foreground color to white, create a new layer named "petals", select "Pencil Tool" in the property bar to set an appropriate size brush, as shown in Figure 06 in the "petals" to draw a white layer petals. Then the "squid" layer of layer effects of paste to the "petals" layer, the effect shown in Figure 07.

Figure 06

Figure 07

7, the light of the above methods draw more petals, the composition of flowers, attention to the order before and after each petal layers, complete results shown in Figure 08.

Figure 08

8, Next, two new layers, using the "Pencil Tool" to draw two separate layers yellow flower and red flower, were added after drawing layer effects, to produce three-dimensional effect, as shown in Figure 09 .

Figure 09

9, after the first few steps of the exercise, we can quickly draw other flowers, and but to pay attention to other flowers are not completely open, there are just a bud, but can only see the outer surface of the petals, in order to distinguish petals of the inner surface and outer surface, we are not open to those with yellow flowers, but also white transition is completed as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10


10, create a new layer, named "shell flower", use the "lasso tool" as shown in Figure 11, draw a drop-shaped constituency, filling brown (R: 104, G: 57, B: 22), after filling use the "Dodge Tool" to erase the graphics after filling to produce "shell flower" on the high-light, and finally use the "pen tool" in the spent shells to draw black spots.

Figure 11

11, spent shell in the draw after the completion of its copy, rotate, as shown in Figure 12 to adjust their location and layer order, and the flowers together.

Figure 12

12, create a new layer, named "frame", using the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" in the center of the image to draw a slightly larger square box, filled with brown (R: 50, G: 0, B: 0), and implementation of the "select"> "Edit"> "Shrink" command, open the shrink constituency dialog box, enter the contract amount needed to narrow constituencies, as shown in Figure 13. Elected to reduce press the Del key area to delete, create a hollow square, as picture frames, then add the "bevel and embossed" layer effect, shown in Figure 14.

Figure 13

Figure 14

13, select the "vertical text tool" in the upper right corner of frame type "Fragrance" word, set the font for the Seal, the color is dark red (R: 94, G: 0, B: 0), then its Add a layer effect with the same flowering branch, and finally activate the "floor" layers, layer effects to add a shadow to the decorative painting hanging on the wall there is a three-dimensional effect, shown in Figure 15.

Figure 15


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AVI Converter

AVI Converter is a powerful utility, which was developed to convert AVI and any movie file into compressed SWF video and FLV streaming video formats. The program supports almost all popular file extensions such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF and 3GP as well as other available codecs (over 300 identifiable codecs).Conversion of a movie into Macromedia Flash format creates file-ready SWFs for the Web or for streaming across Internet connections. It is an excellent way to share video files with people over the world not worrying whether they have correct codec installed or what operating system they are using. AVI Converter transcodes almost any video into SWF file format (legacy Flash 3+, latest Macromedia MX 8 or FLV). The program offers several useful options to select. You may customize Flash movie quality, add audio/video controls (start/stop/pause/etc.) to resulting Flash file, apply custom text and/or image watermarks to copyright your files, specify watermarks opacity and position as well as create HTML page with embedded SWF movie. Advanced options allow you to crop movie screen in order to emphasize certain objects or remove unwanted areas from the resulting Flash movie such as markers or subtitles, replace original sound with your own (WAV or MP3), adjust sampling and bitrates and save original soundtrack into separate file. AVI Converter uses DirectShow technology to render movies. Activity logs and On-screen movie preview make the conversion process easy and hassle-free. You may find Video to Flash Converter very useful while redistributering the movies encoded by proprietary hardware-based codecs (some digital camcorders and capture tools are shipped with them). Convert Video AVI files directly into Flash SWF file! There is no need to run any special programs or plugins to create SWF video file, simply select and convert Video to SWF Flash file!

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