Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adobe "culmination of the track" Result of Contest winners

August 27, 2009, Beijing - Today, China sponsored by the Adobe Adobe "culmination of the Path" Contest prize presentation ceremony held at Peking University lecture hall a century. Adobe YF Wong, Managing Director of China and this event partners Hewlett-Packard (China) Company, Wacom (China) and Nvidia (China) company representatives attended the ceremony, and winners were awarded prizes and certificates.

Adobe "culmination of the Path" Contest to design agencies and enterprises through the creative participation, to promote the further development of creative industries in China. Competition has been held, received from animation, games, television and advertising design work nearly one thousand enterprises. Awards ceremony, West An Xinkun Information Technology Co., Ltd. "ugly end Yinchu," Harbin wisdom Animation's "baby dragon" Advertising Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Bo Wenxuan "sewage" series and other works are the best original animation, the most good video production, creative design award best graphic of 7 categories of awards, and has obtained the HP, Wacom, and prizes provided by Nvidia.

Adobe, Managing Director of China, Mr. Huang Yaohui, said: "Adobe creative tools as a software vendor, to provide users with excellent creative tool also provides many businesses with complete solutions. Since 1998, entered the Chinese market, Adobe has been committed economic and efficient in promoting China's creative industries, creative product development. 'apex diameter' competition is to help the organization of creative enterprises to enhance their brand in China, competitiveness, and with this platform, so that more businesses and individuals with an opportunity to own unique creativity, self-innovation while promoting the creative industries. "

Get Graphic Design Award for the best creative work "water line" to the whole theme of environmental concern in the community, by experts and users alike. Works reveal the fish live in water, frogs and crabs and other animals, because the survival of the environment is the contamination of the original and colorful lives were dipped into the black water. The best original animation work "ugly end of ginsenoside" the atmosphere of culture, the Chinese traditional painting and folk art combining the well-known performing artists Jingyuntaigu Mr. Luo Yusheng classic aria "ugly end of ginsenoside" out with the form of animation vividly described the ugly end of ginsenoside in the period, the ancient Chinese people's living situation. Works like a vivid picture of simplicity, together with the melody of the vocals, so people get the full enjoyment of art. Competition judges said: "All entries are in aspects of creativity and good intentions, expressing China's creative practitioners of professionalism and responsibility. Hope that Adobe will be the incentive design and innovation, to promote the design of the competition continue so that more people involved in them, and promote creative industries in China during the coming peak. "

"Adobe is a creative design leader, able to represent the company's access to 'leading edge diameter' Competition Award for best original animation, I am very honored." From the new Xian Kun said: "This game let us show their strength , and more friends to share our work. At the same time, we believe that the support of Adobe products, the company's competitiveness will be further enhanced. "

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