Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sony pushed the camera can be voice chat peripheral image recognition

April 27 news, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced this week 4, the PS3 will launch a video chat host platform, peripherals, to help gamers to better communicate during the game.

According to CNET reported that the peripheral called the PS Eye (PS Eye), integrated camera and microphone functionality, through the USB interface to connect to host, in the course of the game, players can via video and audio are two ways to communicate with friends In addition, the peripherals will also support those of voice, video recognition technology in the game. In fact, the product is very similar in nature have been introduced in the PS2 platform, EyeToy camera.

So far, Eye peripheral has not released specific price information, but Sony said the products will be launched this summer. Sony has added a lot of the product features and hopes it can be a large number of third-party peripheral competition. 120 frames per second camera to support the animation, the picture quality is 320x240 pixels. Albeit not high-definition camera, but which incorporates elements of many games, for example, low-light environments, can be scaled and extended to the whole body and so on.

In addition, the microphone is integrated in the camera directly to the head end, to include noise cancellation, and voice recognition technology, thereby improving the quality of the dialogue under the premise of the game elements added for the new foundation. On the other hand, Eye will be bundled with a software called EyeCreate release, the software used for photo, video editing. In addition, Sony also said that future PS3 games console will support the Eye in the integration of technology.

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